The Most High Himself shall establish Zion
— Pslam 87:5

Zion International Church Vision


1. The church that is exalted above all nations

The true desire of God’s heart is for His church to be ruled and reign over by Him, to seek His Kingdom, and to take on strategic missions for the nations. We will stand as the church that Apostle Paul dreamed of in Acts to be a model among other churches.

After the fall of Adam, God chose Abraham and made Israel as a nation to serve God and be a people exalted among all peoples, that through that people the world would return to God. However, Israel did not understand that true desire of God and rejected it. They turned to worshipping idols and became corrupt, hurting God’s heart. Through many prophets, God warned Israel and sought repentance from them but they did not turn back until the end.

However, God did not give up His plan for the world and when the time came He sent Jesus Christ to this earth. Jesus came to proclaim the Kingdom of God and to destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3:8), who possessed this world. He died on the cross to take the place of all the sin of mankind and broke down the stronghold of Satan over humanity. Then Jesus resurrected, ascended, and established the church through His disciples.

And He said to them, “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit” and so the early church began. However even after 2000 years passed, the church could not complete God’s calling and even until now the world is groaning in darkness and countless people are dying without ever hearing of the name of Jesus Christ. This grief of God is expressed through the mourning of Jesus saying, “My people are as sheep without a shepherd.” God will give a powerful Great Revival in the last days.

This is only possible through the Holy Spirit. Through this powerful Great Revival, the Lord’s promise of returning when the gospel is preached to all peoples, will be fulfilled. God established Zion International Church with this calling for this age. We will truly be the church that is exalted above all churches and set an example and seek God’s Kingdom the most powerfully.


2. The church where multitudes will come and will be transformed through the Word of God

Through the vision given through Isaiah chapter 2, many people who want a meaningful and valuable life and want to follow God’s will and believe rightly will gather here to hear the proper Word of God and will be transformed by that Word.

We will be a church where blessed saints can happily live their walks of faith receiving God’s reign over their lives, learning what true prosperity, happiness, and an enthusiastic life are, and enjoying all the abundance that God has prepared.


3. The Church filled with love and laughter

We promise that we will be the church where there is no division and conflict but a church where only true love and laughter will overflow in the saints. This is impossible with people’s sinful nature and selfishness. This is a promise that cannot be fulfilled through any human effort. This is happiness that only the saints that have been moved and transformed by God’s Holy Spirit can enjoy. Only those who have one vision, one purpose, and have the same dream can enjoy this true happiness.

Zion International Church is a gathering where its members dream of changing themselves by following God’s holy calling, obeying, and standing upon the Word of God by following the Holy Spirit. Only God is the Lord over this gathering. Zion International Church is the church that is full of joy through God’s reign.


4. The Church where God alone is exalted

It is human nature to want to be served rather than serving others. It is human nature to want to be exalted rather than being humbled. It is because of this selfish nature that even in churches there is jealousy and envy. We have seen the efforts of those who want to exalt themselves. This is the sad reality. God wants to raise up a church where God alone is exalted to be His model church.

Zion International Church has been established following this holy calling of God. Only God is the owner of this church and He alone is exalted. This church has been established by God to desire God’s reign and control and to proclaim God’s glory in the nations.


5. The Church whose members will be called holy and pure

God is not pleased with large numbers but He fulfills His will through those who obey and trust God’s absolute truth and keep their faith.

The God who dethroned King Saul and placed David, son of Jesse, in his place, said that David is after His own heart. Daniel made a clear decision and kept himself pure. Joseph, guarded his purity by fearing the Lord. Nehemiah re-built the wall of Jerusalem with God’s heart. God is looking for people who will do the same.

Zion international Church has been established following this absolute calling. This church is a gathering where its members have readied themselves as pure and clean vessels that God can use only for the Kingdom of God and His glory. God will fulfill His dream of the end times through the remnant who have kept their faith and purity.


6. The church where all ethnic groups worship together

Revelation 7:9 shows a vision of a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues gathering to praise and worship God. God wants to fulfill this dream and His desperate desire through Zion International Church in the Atlanta in the land of America. Now, from a church of Korean background, we will become an international church that gives worship to God in different languages and cultures by different ethnic groups.

God wants to see people becoming one family in Christ overcoming all barriers of language, culture, and ethnicities. We will be the church that fulfills that very dream of God.


7. The church where God will manifest His presence at all worship and gatherings

God will mightily pour out the anointing of the Holy Spirit on the church that is one with His heart.

And so, sons and daughters will prophesy, young men will see visions, and old men will dream dreams. During the worship of that church, healing, restoration, and the presence of God will be experienced. This is the calling of Zion International Church.

Even newcomers will not be able to stand the anointing of the Holy Spirit and deeply meet God, dancing and weeping in His presence, and worship God with joy. Zion International is that kind of church and community.


8. The church that God will use for the Great Revival in the last days

God’s dream is for all people to receive salvation. God will have a powerful great revival in the last days to fulfill the holy desire that all nations will come before God and experience the grace and blessing of His salvation.

As prophesied by world-renowned ministers of prophecy including Jonathan Edwards, the number of people who are saved in this great revival will be greater than those saved from Adam until now.

Zion International Church is the church that prepares and will be used for this magnificent revival.

God is raising and preparing this church right now as a tool to crush the spirits of darkness possessing cities and regions, bring down the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit of God, and spread this revival in America and the whole world.

We have been given a promise that Zion International Church is not a church of one area, but following that calling for this age with apostolic passion we will be used to start God’s revival. This is the vision of the church that will be used as the vessels of the revival for this age.